Surround View Monitor
Smart Pad
Corner View
360˚ Camera System
(Surround View Monitoring system)
This has been developed for the first time in Korea by ImageNext,
a state-of-the-art smart-car system which gives a whole image around a vehicle from above (top view),
as its ECU(Electronic Control Unit) processes the images of the super-wide-angle
cameras installed in front, at back, and on the left and right sides of a vehicle.
OmniDRIVE is the high-concept ‘connected car’ product that brings together surround view monitoring (SVM), User Selected Application (eg. navigation), and Dashcam on Android mobile phone or tablet.
Automotive Camera
ImageNEXT camera mounted in front and rear of a car provides
wide horizontal angle of 180 degree and excellent picture quality.
Corner View
It is of great help for safety as it shows dead zone at a commercial car
which is hard to secure surrounding vision.
Black Box (DVR)
It is a SVM driving image recording device installed inside a car.
(Advanced Driving Assistance System)
It is a leading edge technology to provide information
with a driver according to rapidly changing road situation.
Installed inside a car, this product is a image recording device that records SVM driving image on real-time basis to figure out all situations during driving and evidence after accident.
SD card 로 저장되는 방식으로 기본 16G 추가 32G 까지 가능합니다.
(Approx. 12 ~14 hours recording available, based on 16 GB)
Accident case
In a chain-reaction collision situation, a vehicle equipped with 360° Omnivue came to a perfect stop, but the vehicle at the back of it could not stop and strongly collided with the vehicle with the Omnivue, leading the latter strongly to run into the vehicle in front of it from behind.
Accident case
When two vehicles were turning right in a road with two lanes in either way, the vehicle in the first lane invaded lane, running into the left side of the vehicle equipped 360° Omnivue from behind. (If it were not for the 360° Omnivue, the fault of the other vehicle would not have been discerned.)
Accident case
As a vehicle was turning left in the first lane, another vehicle turning right from the opposite side caused a minor collision as the latter was joining the traffic. The vehicle turning right did not see the other vehicle entering, running into the rear part of the right side of the vehicle equipped with 360° Omnivue.